Flower Club: Mystery Arrangement Challenge

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In this edition of Flower Club, we are offering a "Chopped" style challenge.

Club members will be presented with unconventional compulsory items along with our spectacular selection of seasonal local flowers to build an arrangement.

Here's the throwdown:

  1. Presentation of compulsory items. A quirky container, your signature flower and a mystery item. These must be included in the arrangement.
  2. Draw your clippers. The clippers will have a number which will determine the order for club members to select their compulsory items.
  3. Design. Club members will have one hour to design their arrangement with their chosen compulsory items and our display of local stems.
  4. Presentation. Club members present their creation. The arrangement may speak for itself.
Bring friends/fans (one designer per arrangement). Crazy delicious treats and drinks for sale from Bramble and Wight. Take your arrangement home. No judges - we're just here for funzies!

When: Thursday October 28 2021 7:00PM-9:00PM

Where: 3100 Brentwood Ave Baltimore 21218 (our Charles Village studio).

Cost: $85 per person plus tax

This event is Cancelled