Our Mission

Local Color Flowers is a Baltimore-based floral design business. We create personalized arrangements and bouquets from fresh, seasonal, and sustainable flowers cultivated by local specialty growers. We are committed to responsible use of resources, supporting the local economy and promoting neighboring farms. We provide our clients an environmentally and socially conscious alternative when purchasing flowers.

Our Vision

Local Color Flowers seeks to create and support a sustainable community; where people choose local products and services; where flower farms and farm families are thriving; where there is a diverse, strong local economy; and where people are connected to the living world around them.

Our Passion

We love flowers. We love our clients, growers, and partners. We are social entrepreneurs motivated by our relationships and the connections we create. We want our clients to know where their flowers were grown. We want our growers to know how our clients appreciate their products. We want all of our partners to know how we're green. We want to share our joy and values through our flowers.