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February 26 2022

Seasonal Flower Happy Hour

Tags: At LoCoFlo, Happy Hour (Open Studio)

Drop-in. Design. Do it.

Flower Happy Hour is just like it sounds, except it's more than an hour, and we don't serve liquor, and it isn't any cheaper than other times we sell flowers. Maybe it needs some explaining...

What is it?

Flower Happy Hour is a self-directed flower design event. It’s super casual. Bring a vase or buy one from us. We have the flowers, the corkscrew, and everything else you need for a magical afternoon of floral enchantment.

Come solo for some alone time with flowers, or bring friends for a unique social outing. (Please give us a heads up for groups of more than four so we can prep or consider our DIY services.)

How it works

Just drop in. We sell flowers by the stem. You pick them out. Stay and design your arrangement or wrap them up to take home. Designers will be available for critique and advice. Order in advance to have a subscription or single arrangement ready to pick up.

Flower Happy Hour is a great mid-week get-away. Practice what you learn at our classes, prep for Bloom Battle, make your weekly arrangement, de-stress, so many possibilities. The flowers will change each week so you can make something different every time.

Pick up your subscription or order.

When Is It?

Wednesdays 3:00PM - 7:00PM Spring and Fall. Check our Classes and Events for the next scheduled Flower Happy Hour.

What Happened to Open Studio?

Flower Happy Hour is the same thing but more exclusive. JK. We are reducing the drop-in schedule to ensure we can have the doors and windows open for ventilation.


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